The Things that Haunt Us; The Notes Edition

Title: The Things That Haunt Us
Director(s): Christopher James Cramer, Zach Kanner, Nathan Boehme, Jeff Dean, Julius Sean, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Andrew Berkovich
Year: 2019
Producer(s): Christopher James Cramer

Starring: Katie Hotchkiss, Julia McIlvaine, Sierra Heurmann, Brian Robert Burns, Rose Leisner, Julie Cardia, Janna Cardia, Andrea Nelson, Roxanne Morrison, Devin Brooke, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Blake Berlin, Zach Kanner, Joon Paul Kim, Raisa-Dielle Riikonen, Sherry Lintvedt, Jasmine Isaacs, Jeff May, Bradley Fletcher, Gabriel Loeb, Cara Manuele, Arash Aiinehsazian, Gwen Carole, Sara Fletcher


*7 vignettes/short films & 4 directorial debuts

“Art is meant to Disturb”

1. For you, Anything
– 1960s?
– Beautifully shot
– Diary releases “something”
– Oh, this is assault… sexual assault
– Cigarette burns
– The setting of the house looks very modern for the 60s but accurate
– Energy, haunting, the past
– Righting a wrong by destroying it

2. Don’t Trust Yourself

– Voiceover repeating words of organism
– It sounds more like conditioning or brainwashing
– “More of us”
– Project Zero
– “I’m not going back” vs “You’re 7”
– “Send in 8”
– Reminds me of Orphan Black
– Was she the “first”, the original?

– The title = “cat calling” aka men mostly who tell you to smile (it’s happened to me before, countless times at my job when I’m not in a smiling mood)
– Coven, ouija board, 3 witches
– I’d say poor Chad but no lol
– Consent discussion
– Daisy, the outsider, reveals her story of assault, turns out Chad assaulted her and dumped her out by a dumpster. FUCK HIM.
– Well acted, especially when Chad is tied up and questioned and tortured
– Great use of lighting when Daisy confronts Chad, her eyes are given this “glow”

4. My Closest Enemy
– It was over before I knew it!
– A man’s shadow building up to attack him
– He doesn’t trust light

5. Flatmates
– Not gonna lie, thought this was for the 4th story. Oops.
– A lying landlord
– Smells of burnt hair. EW.
– Spirit reminds me of Samara from The Ring
– A sign that says “get out” but the man’s blind, yo.

6. Hard Stop
– OMG. This is a fucking ad.
– No obstacles? Did the door locking mechanism not work?

7. No Pets
– This would have been cooler if they were ACTUAL cats
– Ever see that film Cat People? Both versions? WHY CAN’T IT BE??
– Gimme big cats, small cats, kittens, I don’t care
– Living in a dead woman’s house who was a cat lady
– It looks cheap… no… generic
– Mentions of Margot Robbie and Sean Young
– “I hate cats”
– Cat people as in they dress up as cats? Cosplay gone wrong?
– They are furries

** Personal FAVORITES in ORDER:
For You Anything
Don’t Trust Yourself
My Closest Enemy
Hard Stop
No Pets

*The Things That Haunt Us is available through Amazon Prime


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