SoH Reviews: Host (2020, Shudder)

Shudder has become a big go to for new and exclusive content. I was very curious about the app/platform as a whole before I started investing into it and now it’s become a great platform to see new or unique or even unknown to classic horror/thriller/sci-fi films. Today we’re going to discuss a mini review … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Host (2020, Shudder)

The Things that Haunt Us; The Notes Edition

Title: The Things That Haunt Us Director(s): Christopher James Cramer, Zach Kanner, Nathan Boehme, Jeff Dean, Julius Sean, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Andrew Berkovich Year: 2019 Producer(s): Christopher James Cramer Starring: Katie Hotchkiss, Julia McIlvaine, Sierra Heurmann, Brian Robert Burns, Rose Leisner, Julie Cardia, Janna Cardia, Andrea Nelson, Roxanne Morrison, Devin Brooke, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Blake Berlin, Zach … Continue reading The Things that Haunt Us; The Notes Edition