SoH Reviews: Skinamarink (2022) + The Notes Edition

Title: Skinamarink Director(s): Kyle Edward Ball Year: 2022 Producer(s): Dylan Pearce Starring: Jaime Hill, Dali Rose Tetreault, Lucas Paul, Ross Paul These are the written notes during my watch of Skinamarink on Feb 22, 2023. - Angles. - A child's height? Too high or very low (eye level) - Atmosphere and sound design - This … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Skinamarink (2022) + The Notes Edition

Ganja & Hess; The Notes Edition

Title: Ganja + Hess Director(s): Bill Gunn Year: 1973 Producer(s): Chiz Schultz Starring: Duane Jones, Marlene Clark and Bill Gunn There are 3 Parts: Victim, Survival, Live - Stabbed 3x in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost - References to black culture/black church culture -  Our introduction to Hess (Jones) … Continue reading Ganja & Hess; The Notes Edition

The Things that Haunt Us; The Notes Edition

Title: The Things That Haunt Us Director(s): Christopher James Cramer, Zach Kanner, Nathan Boehme, Jeff Dean, Julius Sean, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Andrew Berkovich Year: 2019 Producer(s): Christopher James Cramer Starring: Katie Hotchkiss, Julia McIlvaine, Sierra Heurmann, Brian Robert Burns, Rose Leisner, Julie Cardia, Janna Cardia, Andrea Nelson, Roxanne Morrison, Devin Brooke, Ann-Marie Lindblad, Blake Berlin, Zach … Continue reading The Things that Haunt Us; The Notes Edition