Top 10 Weird(est) Horror Movies

Horror movies range from comedic to psychological, fun and spooky to downright boring. Yes, I have encountered unmoving, boring horror films. But then there are horror movies that make you go “what the fuck” whether it’s the plot, setting, villain, film style, more questions than answers, and we’re gonna talk about 10 of them today, plus an extra few for honorable mentions. You know how we do things around here.

Let’s talk about some “weird” horror movies today. And these are my choices, so you may have different ideas or ranking styles.

10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986) – It’s an unexpected sequel that goes more kooky and crazy than the tense filled original film. You have some sympathy to Leatherface who is still dangerous, the introduction to Chop Top (played by Bill Moseley) and Dennis Hopper is in this. It has more black comedy and this can throw a lot of people off when you compare it to the first which has become a huge part of horror history. Though the movie poster of the cast as “The Breakfast Club” should really tell you where your expectations should be. haunt1

09. Haunt (2019) – I believe I saw this film last year and I really liked this one. A group of friends go to an extreme haunted house experience to only then have their nightmares become true. But also nestled in this film is our lead protagonist’s story of overcoming all sorts of abuse from her childhood into her present life and she is confronting her demons. 

08. The Lords of Salem (2012) – The first film I think I saw of Rob Zombie that I don’t think is bad… and the cinematography isn’t bad either but weird. Like colorful, obnoxious, in your face visually weird. Our lead, played by Sheri Moon, is plagued by visions and dreams after playing a record (she’s a dj) and I think it has more strengths of being unique and very unsettling. You aren’t going to be bored by this one.

07. The Evil (1978) – One of the oddest “haunted house” stories I’ve seen. A couple buys this mansion to turn into a rehabilitation center/location ends up finding out the house isn’t just haunted, but haunted by the devil himself. And it isn’t just the house, it’s the overall property and when you can’t even leave the house, to escape, you’re in some deep shit.

06. The Brood (1979) – I don’t know how to describe this movie. Um, a woman is so damn angry and resentful to her partner that her children become manifestations of that anger and hatred. They are disfigured, dangerous and victims themselves. Don’t be fooled though, this movie is by David Cronenberg. Enough said. thebrood_7

05. It’s Alive (1974) – Any horror movie that involves children automatically goes into the weird or not so typical category for me. This movie fits in that. A family who deals with a second born child who isn’t exactly normal has all the gore and horror it deserves to be. But it also has a story of the love of a mother to her child and how that bond isn’t easily broken.

04. The Beyond (1981) – One of the more well known Fulci films from his career. It is the second in the “Gates of Hell” trilogy (City of the Living Dead and then closed off by The House by the Cemetery) and everything about the movie is weird. The setting, our characters, the horror and gore factor, the ending which still makes me so mad cos it’s so damn bleak.

03. Host (2020) – Impressive horror movie that was released last year on Shudder where the entire film is taking place online in a zoom call among friends who are getting into contact with a medium. However, things go wrong and they go wrong fast. This is more unconventional than weird though some of the special effects make up for it. Check this one out on Shudder.

02. Basket Case (1982) – A cult film that lives up to its hype. The lighting isn’t perfect, the gore is great, you see a REAL New York, Belial is… something else as a antagonist. Stuff in the film like hair or marks, low budget, claymation and animation style, bad wigs, it’s great. basketcase_3

01. Tourist Trap (1979) – Everything about this movie is the epitome of weirdness. A PG-13 horror that has little to no blood is possible, there are horror movies that are PG13 and do it well. What makes this different is mannequins, possessed mannequins and telekinesis. That’s all I am saying!

Like I said above, we have our top 10 but here are others that were written down as other viable options! Our Honorable Mentions are:
Freaks (1932)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
The Toxic Avenger (1984)
The Babadook (2014)
Phantasm (1979)
Eraserhead (1977)
Wolfen (1981)

What movie(s) do you consider “weird” or unconventional, not a typical horror movie? Leave them in the comments below and we can talk about them! It can be on expectations, settings/environment, characters, film style, etc.

I have also noticed that a majority of these films are prior to the 90s. Maybe even the 80s. There’s something to that… I need to look into it.

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      1. It’s a Turkish film that involves a group of men… pretty much going into hell. It’s balls to the wall horror involving cults, zombies, and crazy death.


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