Favorites: Special Effects & More

WE ARE BACK BABY! I took last week off and I don’t feel guilty about it. I’m learning when to just take time for myself and not push myself into doing something I don’t feel like doing. Plus, I didn’t really have much to say or post about here and get my head back on … Continue reading Favorites: Special Effects & More

SoH Reviews: The Black Cat (1934)

Oh it’s time for another review! I also sang that but you can’t hear that cos this is a Google docs and I am not inserting an audio file but believe me! I’ve been in a watching movie phase this year that was NOT present last year and it seems like each month is about … Continue reading SoH Reviews: The Black Cat (1934)

Triple SoH Reviews: Tales from the Crypt (1972), Altered States (1980) and All Hallows’ Eve (2013)

I’ve done these posts in the past before and if you’re interested in reading more than two reviews under one post, I’ll link it here! But I’ve been on a watching kick lately, I’m not sure why or this extra energy came from but I did watch 3 very different films basically one week after … Continue reading Triple SoH Reviews: Tales from the Crypt (1972), Altered States (1980) and All Hallows’ Eve (2013)

The Grit of Horror (in movies)

It’s been a week, I've been waiting to do part two since last week! If you missed it, I did a post about some of the more aesthetically appealing horror movies and we got some pretty decent movies out of that. And I did promise that I wanted to do a “second part” which is … Continue reading The Grit of Horror (in movies)

The Horror Aesthetics of It All

Another day, another idea that has been sitting on the white board of ideas for weeks. This week, I wanted it to be a little bit easier and simpler. And focus on something that I think we all take note of and that is… aesthetics. We live and operate in a world where we encounter … Continue reading The Horror Aesthetics of It All

Horror Movies that Shifted the Landscape

This was mildly inspired by a recent Kill Count from Dead Meat on the movie 28 Days Later. It was something that was mentioned about how this movie changed the “undead” or zombie genre, even though it isn’t a zombie film but the antagonists were able to RUN. Zombies, walkers, the undead, they don’t run. … Continue reading Horror Movies that Shifted the Landscape

Favorites: One Offs

This idea kinda came out of nowhere, on a Saturday evening at like 12 midnight. Like always, I’m always thinking of what to talk about here or give suggestions on movies and I only had maybe 2-3 ideas on my little whiteboard that I was thinking of. And I think I must have been scrolling … Continue reading Favorites: One Offs

X (2022) Review

Well.This was NOT on the itinerary for this week but when you randomly find Showtime playing a film that’s been on your watchlist for a bit, you take the chance to watch it. Even if it is Super Bowl Sunday!I did a mini short blurb on my Letterboxd so if you aren’t following that for … Continue reading X (2022) Review

When Your Day is Ruined in Horror

Imagine you go to sleep tonight, things are going okay. Maybe not perfect or great but not bad, just that middle gray area and you are preparing yourself for the next work day or school day or just general day to do errands or planning out when SOMETHING goes wrong. Something out of your control. … Continue reading When Your Day is Ruined in Horror

Common Themes: Haunted Houses

First big thing I wanted to say before I forget is thank you to everyone who is following the blog. I’m so happy and excited and shook that a lot of people are following and don’t worry, the energy will be reciprocated! I’m just so behind on so many things, it’s insane. But I did … Continue reading Common Themes: Haunted Houses