Christmas Horror Recs

The holiday season is upon us! And I know a lot of us are watching more Christmas/holiday things in the genre whether it's tv or movies but I wanted to come on here and throw out some suggestions that you may be aware of, or maybe these are brand new. I haven’t been watching too … Continue reading Christmas Horror Recs

SoH Reviews: Blood Rage aka Slasher

"It’s not cranberry sauce." Hold the cranberry sauce, what this movie is, is actually kinda fun. I had a good time watching this. I was also slightly confused but that takes a backseat to the fun. I’m talking about 1987’s Blood Rage (directed by John Grissmer) as it was titled on Prime but when the movie … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Blood Rage aka Slasher

SoH Reviews: All the Creatures Were Stirring

Directed by David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry, a film released in 2018 is showcasing multiple stories around a popular holiday. Sadly, this is a Christmas anthology film that needs an execution punch. I go into these films with an open mind so I don’t have big or low expectations, I just wanna see what … Continue reading SoH Reviews: All the Creatures Were Stirring