SoH Reviews: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

The Hellraiser franchise… a love and hate relationship I have with this franchise. Granted, I haven’t seen ALL of what Hellraiser has to offer but I have enough insight to where it has so much potential (still) to become greater or take that next leap into attracting new fans. But this post is not about … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Favorites Series: Supernatural Horror

I thought about how there’s so little you know of me or my tastes. From tumblr to here, I was more focused on showcasing cinematography in horror and all the beautiful shots and lighting and yet never expressed what are my favorites. Who are my favorite directors, favorite Stephen King adaptations, who are my favorite … Continue reading Favorites Series: Supernatural Horror

Hellraiser; demon to some, angels to others.

Title: Hellraiser Year: 1987 Dir.: Clive Barker Producer(s): Christopher Figg Writer(s): Clive Barker (screenplay), The Hellbound Heart (novel) by Barker Company: Film Futures, Entertainment Film Distributors Starring: Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley A “bankruptcy of imagination” is how film critic Roger Ebert described this film. And yes, Ebert definitely had a love/hate … Continue reading Hellraiser; demon to some, angels to others.