Favorites: One Offs

This idea kinda came out of nowhere, on a Saturday evening at like 12 midnight.

Like always, I’m always thinking of what to talk about here or give suggestions on movies and I only had maybe 2-3 ideas on my little whiteboard that I was thinking of. And I think I must have been scrolling on IG and I think it was a post about M3GAN and its upcoming sequel and it made me wonder… what if Blumhouse left this film alone as just a stand alone movie? I haven’t seen it yet and I can see why it would produce another sequel (premise, marketing, box office numbers) but what if that was it? No more M3GAN?

And then I thought, in a world full of franchises with prequels, sequels and reboots and maybe remakes, what are some great watches to recommend that are just ONE offs, stand alone movies that doesn’t require multiple viewings of sequels or prequels to understand the “lore” or anything.

There is only ONE rule: it cannot have a franchise attached to it or be in a sequence of one story such as Argento’s “The Three Mothers Trilogy” so Suspiria, Inferno and Mother of Tears won’t be concluded. And one angle I did struggle with were remakes. Do remakes count? Again, I look at something like Suspiria but the 2018 version takes the foundation of the 1977 film and creates something new on its own therefore, it is up for grabs.

So I came up with a few and let’s get into it and let’s hope this turns out fine!


– Tourist Trap (1979) – One of the few PG rated movies that doesn’t have a lot of blood. Brutal dead with cream and suffocation.  alicesweetalice2

Alice Sweet Alice (1976) – The ending still makes me question what I exactly watched. Who really committed the crimes?

The Wicker Man (1973) – It’s a borderline musical set within a small island and its inhabitants are at the center of a missing girl plot. Also Christopher Lee is in it and he’s great.

30 Days of Night (2007) – You want vampires? This is a great movie showcasing bloodthirsty vampires in Alaska. There’s no sparkling vampires here.

Carnival of Souls (1962) – Underrated movie about a woman being hunted by ghostly figures after surviving a horrible crash. It has become a favorite staple that I’m glad I own on dvd.

– The People Under the Stairs (1991) – The more I watch this one, the more I enjoy this Wes Craven movie that is really about that one house that we all know where weird things and people reside in… the ending makes me so happy.

– Salem’s Lot: The Movie (1979) – The tv adaptation directed by Tobe Hooper, the book I read in high school and it is still one of the longest books I’ve read. I wish there was more weirdness within the town shown because that is a big takeaway from the book I remember. 

– Stephen King’s Rose Red (2002) – Another Stephen King adaptation in a row but I love, love, love this miniseries. Watched this when it originally aired on ABC. I love the spooky nature of the house and the spirits that live and how the house is “hungry” for more people. Also, anything with people having abilities of any sort, I’m down with.

– Ganja and Hess (1973) – Another vampire film but it is a blaxploitation film as well. As few black vampire films go, this is a great and underrated one. It might still be on Shudder. opera_4

– Opera (1987) – A Dario Argento film that is NOT Suspiria or Profondo Rosso. A close second was going to be Tenebre (Tenebrae) but there’s something perverse about Opera and the eye porn. Lots of eye torture. 

– The Fog (1980) – I love this John Carpenter film. I really do. I like the look of the ghosts, too.

– Blood and Black Lace (1964) – Can we talk about the aesthetics of this Mario Bava movie? The colors used, the lighting, who the killer really is… though I did not appreciate the slapping part.

– Us (2019) – The literal last movie I saw in theaters before the pandemic hit! This is a truer horror movie than like Get Out. And if/when I see Nope, it would end up on a list like this too.

– Hereditary (2018) – I just… I constantly think about this movie. CONSTANTLY.

– Digging Up the Marrow (2014) – I wish we dove more into the monsters. We need a bigger insight into them.

– Black Christmas (1974) – The ending still bothers me. I get so mad! But it’s a great slasher for the holiday season with pov shots of the killer.

– It Follows (2014) – A likable main character, cool kills and the invisible-ness of the…being or creature attached is very unique.

This was harder than I thought because you guys know, I do have favorites and a lot of the favorites belong in franchises or a trilogy narrative and it made the list almost feel wrong. Like oh, something’s empty. No, just a harder time finding well produced horror movies that you can watch over and over without having any full on attachments to OTHER films. Like I said earlier, I’d love to say Suspiria, Phantasm, X (and soon I’ll watch Pearl) or A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead (or Evil Dead 2), Ginger Snaps, 28 Days Later, The Return of the Living Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream. Like there are so many great movies within franchises too that I think that’ll be the topic for next week. Shit, even thinking of classic Horror, like Universal, everything has a sequel. Oh well! itfollows_7

Oh! Also you have some one offs that are now getting sequels like Trick r Treat and I thought about adding something like that but no… sighs.

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll pick out the BEST one(s) in a franchise. Cos I really have opinions about Halloween.

What movies would you say are good “one offs”?

4 thoughts on “Favorites: One Offs

  1. Good list! You’re right, it’s really limiting. Since you have The People Under the Stairs, I’d add The Serpent and the Rainbow, probably my favorite Wes Craven film. Deadly Friend, too. It’s cheesy but great. Brain Damage. The Kiss is a deep cut. Did you say movies that have been remade are allowed? If so, throw in The Last House on the Left and Ms. 45. I’m at work otherwise I could think of some more.

    I recommend M3GAN and Nope. I don’t normally watch newer movies — I stay in the 70s/80s/90s — but those were awesome.


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