Analog Horror

This idea has been on my “to do” list for MONTHS but I just never got the nerve to actually do this. I love how horror has become so accessible and universal and not just through television or film. But youtube has become a great space for a new subgenre to grow in popularity.

And since we are in the spooky/horror season of October and you’re interested in something different to check out, I think these will be up your alley. If you are into “found footage”, low quality, suspenseful and creative horror that can easily be found, please continue to read!

We’re gonna talk about popular and/or personal favorite analog horror on youtube.


local58Local 58 (2015-present): Possibly one of my all time favorite ones in this list, there’s something really creepy about Local 58. It could be the idea of sentient beings, government interference, or an outside source influencing but it’s creepy. This is a spinoff series from Candle Cove (which eventually became a series on Syfy, I believe it’s now on Shudder “Channel Zero”), a local public channel based in Virginia, but something’s a bit off about it. Also, a lot of moon references. 

The Mandela Catalogue (2021-present): In an alternate timeline, earth has been overrun by “Alternates” which reminds me of doppelgangers but there’s something off about them. There are trigger warnings of s*icides, religious interpretation and takeover, murder, it can be quite confusing. This in return created fan games which are very rare so if you’re interested in that too, Mandela County is for you!

The Backrooms (2022- present): Relatively new on the analog horror train but the initial creepypasta is not, this series has been very cool to watch and develop and grow. I wonder if it’s the same idea about plain empty spaces or hallways that make us feel uneasy but The Backrooms creates that feeling and doubles that. I love the ongoing mystery, how the young creator uses real life footage to make it even more probable. geminihomeentertainment

Gemini Home Entertainment (2019-present): Another favorite one that when I see there’s a new update, I get so excited! The tagline for this is “we’re not going anywhere” on the youtube channel page and you know what, they aren’t. The videos themselves are unique in a manner of what is the purpose of distributing and showcasing these videos that range from storm tips to artificial computer learning or the topic of deep root disease. There is a bigger story intertwined but I won’t spoil it but it’s quite terrifying. There is also a game called “Lethal Omen” attached to the universe to play as well!

The Monument Mythos (2020-present): A different take on alternate history with sentient being energy throughout. If you are a history buff, I really think this would be up your alley but if you are into the creature feature aspect, this is for you as well. Personal favorites are LIBERTYLURKER, LINCOLNLOOKER, FREEDOMFALLER, CANONCROWN and WASHINGTONWONDERLAND.  

The Walton Files (2020-present): Debuting in 2020 as “inspired by the lore around Five Nights at Freddy’s”, The Walton Files takes the general idea of a partnership gone sour around a burger joint franchise that, well, everything didn’t end well. I love the videos having different styles of media and art and the timeline is very fascinating. Also did you know The Walton Files has its own IMDB page? Impressive! thewaltonfiles

I know there are countless others like “Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared”, Battington, various FNAF vhs tapes, Blue Channel and so many others online that range in content, art styles, story but it all depends on what you are interested in. What I like about these and the concept of analog horror overall is that anyone can do this as it is possible for anyone who has an idea, especially in horror, using youtube as an outlet for a creative idea. The creators of these are young and keeping the spirit of horror alive and that’s great.

Creepypastas are a great source of a starting point and working your way into something that becomes your own like The Backrooms or Local 58/Candle Cove or you are inspired by an indie game that’s now going to be a feature film or something that was birthed from your creative mind. I hope we see more analog horror, especially on a big platform like youtube and I’m all for supporting the creatives. 

I appreciate new worlds or adventures set in horror that are beyond what is typical and if it can make our skin crawl? Even better. 

Which ones have you seen or would suggest to me that isn’t listed?? I know there’s many out there but these are the ones that I keep my eye on!

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