Top 50 Female Characters in Horror: Part 3

Continuing on the journey of my ranking and listing my favorite female characters in horror. We’re talking main protagonists, sidekicks, antagonists and all those in between. If you missed part 1 and part 2, I’ll link them here and here for you guys to catch up! It’s interesting to see my taste level when it comes to female characters and how they are portrayed or how they come across on screen. Either I like you or you’re forgettable.

Let’s discuss part 3 with numbers 25-13 (odd numbers I know, but this is a 4 part series, 50 characters, about 12-13 at least to make some kind of list each time).


25. Elvira
24. Cherry Darling – Planet Terror
23. Tiffany – Child’s Play franchise
22. Mia – Evil Dead (remake)
21. Alice – ANOES 4: The Dream Master & 5: The Dream Child
20. Sally – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
19. Kirsty Cotton – Hellraiser franchise
18. Tatum Riley – Scream
17. Rochelle – The Craft
16. Jay – It Follows
15. Sarah – The Craft
14. Akasha – Queen of the Damned
13. Carrie White – Carrie

Just realized that 6 of the ones listed, they are a part of a franchise.
And 1 isn’t tied to a supernatural themed horror. I keep telling you guys supernatural horror is my favorite subgenre in the genre.

texaschainsaw_5The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of those essential horror films that are included in your typical lists of movies that need to be seen. And Sally is a quintessential final girl. She is one of the few important final girls at that (along with Laurie, Nancy, Sidney). The way the film is shot, and how the characters feel real and gritty and raw, Sally’s escape is a breath of fresh air but also sad. She’s laughing by the end of the film, like manically laughing. She escaped Leatherface and his family but the trauma, my goodness.

Some of these ladies are on the “please don’t get on their bad side or else they’ll get you” vibes. Carrie, naive, sweet duckling who really needed appropriate guidance takes down her classmates and her mother, Akasha is the fucking queen of all vampires in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Rochelle gains witch powers in The Craft, Alice replaces Kristen’s abilities in A Nightmare on Elm Street to bring YOU INTO HER DREAMS, and Elvira is hot and not human at all.

planetterror_5Cherry Darling is transformed into a fighter, Jay and Tatum fight for their lives against supernatural and “supernatural” forces against entities that seem to be everywhere (if you get it, you get it) and yet Mia and Tiffany are turned into either better or worse versions of themselves. There’s a crazy connection with every single character listed and to be honest, this is not on purpose.

I just rank them by how I personally like them, their importance, and that’s how we’re getting these connections. It’s unintentional to clump them together and have it be a theme, that’s not just how my brain works.

The last part, part 4 will be next week and I’m excited to get there and share my top tops plus honorable mentions who are also into horror television. Who will you add to your own list of favorite female characters in horror?

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