Top 10 List of Horror Icons (new & classic)

So this is somewhat inspired by a vhs/dvd of Boogeymen but in my own opinion. If you do not know about Boogeymen, it was a compilation of “icons” of horror but it was most 90% popular and then 10% of unknowns (which is great for exposure) put together with classic scenes and some trivia about the film’s overall making process. It was released in 2001 and now with a broader look into horror of the past and now that we are in 2020 (into 2021, wow), more iconic villains (or anti heroes) have been brought onto our screens, scaring us.

Perhaps I will do a horror “hero” list in the future. But until then, let’s talk about my top 10 Icons of Horror (from then and now) at the moment. This list can easily change.


10. Josef, Creep & Creep II – Josef isn’t even his real name, let alone in the second film but he’s manipulative, brutal and looks like someone you can pass on the street. The look of him wearing that weird wolf creature mask and how he acted is almost a new poster child of horror and he kicks off this list. Rightly so.

americanpsycho_49. Patrick Bateman, American Psycho – We fantasize about anything and everything, let’s be real. The difference with Patrick is that his fantasies are nasty and bloody. He’s got a big ego, narcissistic and sadist. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone (maybe just one) but his body and making that money. But when it comes to kills, he’s very creative in that area, a la… staircase.

8. Jennifer Check, Jennifer’s Body – It’s not her fault that tragedy and trauma happened to her. And it isn’t her fault that she becomes possessed either. She definitely takes advantage and her power back to exact revenge, looking as innocent and beautiful. It’s one of the few on this list that proves that looks can be deceiving.

hellraiser_57.Cenobites, Hellraiser – The entire franchise focuses more on Pinhead aka Lead Cenobite, portrayed by the great Doug Bradley and I don’t blame the focus. He is the reason why you are watching, however, the other cenobites need their moment in the spotlight.

6. The Creep, Creepshow & Creepshow 2 (+ Shudder series) – The Creep isn’t a villain or anti hero, he’s just there to share the stories but as the face of Creepshow comics and a current pop on my shelf, he gives commentary and pushes the narrative along. He’s got his own merchandise so far, that’s a pretty big step in the horror world. And sfx legend Tom Savini portrayed him in Creepshow 2. STAMP OF APPROVAL.

art5. Art the Clown, Terrifier & Terrifier 2 – How is he a clown and not a mime? I’ve also thought of him as Mr. Mime from the original run of The Powerpuff Girls. He goes from Rainbow the Clown to be covered by bleach and becomes Mr. Mime. Even his colors read MIME. He’s scary though, no remorse. I’m intrigued to see how they can top the actions of the first Terrifier cos that hacksaw scene…

4. Angela Franklin, Night of the Demons – One of my favorite movies, ever, and I think she’s underrated as a character in horror and as a villain. I mean, if it wasn’t for her and that iconic as fuck dance scene where she invokes the demons and her partner in crime Suzanne, I bet the rest of the crew could have lived.

trickrtreat_43. Sam, Trick r Treat – He’s cute and tiny. He’s unassuming but he loves Halloween. If you don’t respect the holiday and celebrate it, he comes after you. He’s always watching. I think he’s a great addition to the horror genre that size and looks can be deceiving. I still want a Sam funko pop to my collection.

2. The Tall Man, Phantasm – This man, another person you could pass the street and maybe you would notice or feel that something’s not right with him. He isn’t from this world and uses the dead to use them as dwarf slaves. He has a metal ball that roams around looking for blood. He’s intimidating and has an obsessive fascination with Mike. To me he’s probably one of the more scarier people on this list.

anoes5_81. Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street – Am I biased? Yes. Freddy tops this list just like ANOES will top a future list for favorite horror franchise. The evolution of Freddy is… interesting. He’s barely visible or seen in the original until we get to the end and once the MTV era hit (around Nightmare 3-4 specifically), he’s got a personality. It can be a bit much but he is the star of the films. A huge part of that comes from Robert Englund bringing that character to a new light and Englund himself is likeable, therefore it translates to Freddy being likeable.

This was a hard list to do… not going to lie but I wanted to throw in some of the newer horror icons a moment to shine. But with a list, there are some that do not make the top 10 but clearly make a top 20!

Honorable Mentions
Norman Bates, Psycho
Chucky, Child’s Play
Harry Warden, My Bloody Valentine
Marta, Deep Red
The Vorhees, Friday the 13th
Deadites, The Evil Dead

Who would you add to this list? Yes, Jason and Michael were not included on this list just for variety but I think Jason has more to offer than Michael, which is why he is on the honorable mentions but how about Candyman? Leprechaun? Jack Frost? Ghostface? There are so many to choose from!


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