Crypt TV: Digital Horror Recs

One of the coolest channels to come out of Youtube’s history is Crypt TV.

For those who aren’t fully aware, Crypt TV is a platform for digital horror. It was launched in 2015, founded by Jack Davis and Eli Roth (yes, that Eli Roth) and backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse. Crypt TV is where you can find new ideas, original content, series, short films and new talent.

During major quarantine weeks, I found myself watching more of the recent content and checking out what was new, what I’ve missed or even re-watched because… I forgot quite a bit of stuff that I watched a couple of years prior.

So today, I wanna throw out some suggestions on what you should check out through Crypt TV.


Sew is a short film that really took me by surprise. It was more than just “ooh spooky” and there’s emotion behind it. The story is very simple: a couple reeling with the loss of their child. The horror comes in two ways: the truth of what happened and a literal monster aka manifestation that forces the conversation to be had.

Another great one to watch is Feed. Now there are two ways you can take the title: either something is hungry or it can be about technology. I’ll let you figure out which one it is.

There is some great new creepy pasta content available; my personal favorite is about SHELLY.

thelookseeThe Look See, Sunny Family Cult are really fun if you’re into watching an actual series. The former has become a new horror icon figure along with The Birch, whom is my favorite #featureCreature. The Look See is about a creature who ventures after those who cannot move on from grief. If one survives, they will become an “assistant” to the Look See and he looks like a faceless version of a Slenderman. If you’re a fan of the youtube channel Dead Meat, the host James A. Janisse also stars in one of the later episodes. Sunny Family Cult is about a girl dealing with the fact that her family is a serial killing family cult.

Ithebirchf you’re into fairy tales or fables, Crypt TV has that covered for you as well. A favorite is about The Little Mermaid, a darker tone about the story of a mermaid but she isn’t lovesick or gullible.

Kinderfanger, My First Day, Clay, Cauchemar Capitonne, The Innocent and Truth or Scare are just a handful of recently watched content in the past few weeks.

Horror is still a profitable genre, blossoming on digital platforming and if there’s a way to bring new ideas or new people to shape said ideas, I cannot be mad at it. If you haven’t, please check out what Crypt TV has to offer. I think they have something for everyone to consume.

I’m still discovering new content myself.

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