Favorites: Witchy Vibes

It’s February.

I’m trying to save a potential black horror post for sometime later in this month for BLM (if you did not know or aware, I am black) so I decided to do another “favorites” post. I’ve been enjoying these, picking at least five favorites.

Today, we’re doing witches.


A. The Craft, 1996, dir. Andrew Fleming
B. Suspiria, 2018, dir. Luca Guadagnino
C. Little Witches, 1996, dir. Jane Simpson
D. The Witch, 2015, dir. Robert Eggers
E. The Love Witch, 2016, dir. Anna Biller

I’ve always been fascinated with witches in film. Imagine harnessing some kind of unnatural power that you can use for the goodness of your heart or twist it and it becomes evil. The occult, I don’t know much about (I know the imagery surrounding it due to art history) or Wiccan, which is different, I don’t keep up because I don’t follow but it’s nature based? Someone school me. I’d listen for sure.

thecraft_5The Craft is your quintessential teen horror movie about witches. I mean we are introduced to Sarah (Robin Tunney) whose growing friendship with 3 other peers (Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True) evolves deeper and deeper into using witchcraft on their other peers, enemies and eventually on each other. But what is also shown is that there was a true bond there, they did all genuinely liked each other, having sleepovers, traveling together to the woods. It’s a shame that listening to one person basically led to the fall of their relationship. That and being power hungry.

suspiria-2018-trailer-1528125767Suspiria, Suspiria, the newer version of Suspiria. As much as I love the original, the remake does something that the original does not: we see the witches and we see them being very proactive. We see them as a coven, how much power they truly have, what they will do to keep it under wraps from their dance students. Everyone is in on it but the students (spoiler alert, Susie becomes FULLY aware) and this is what’s missing from the original. We see glimpses of it but it’s more interesting in the remake. The voting process of who would become the next coven leader, manipulating the students, it’s a cooler dynamic to add into this version. A lot of people don’t like this movie, I liked it but I can see why people wouldn’t. It is a polarizing film as it should be.

unnamedLittle Witches. Not many people know about this film. It was released around the same time as The Craft but obviously, we know who won that battle. Little Witches, I’ve seen a few times, it has been a minute as an adult to watch it but it is about Catholic schoolgirls (teenagers) who get into the occult from some temple hidden underground near or at the school itself. I don’t want to spoil it too much but there’s virgin talk, mirrors, demon body parts coming out of stomachs and Zelda Rubenstein is in it. SOLD. It’s not bad but it isn’t good either.

thewitch_4The VVitch or The Witch is so good. It’s a great period, very accurate depiction of the 1600s. I mean, we are slowly watching this family get traumatized and the evolution of Thomasin (Anya Taylor Joy) eventually confronting Black Phillip aka the Devil to “live deliciously”. Again this is another film I do not want to spoil, especially since this film is very detailed, the language/words used are such a huge part of the film, I can’t give so much of it away. Who is Black Phillip? What happens to Thomasin and her family? What was it like back in the 1600s in New England?

The_Love_Witch_014The Love Witch is a unique film. I didn’t know what to expect but it’s a different take on witches and witchcraft. It is an ode to the 1960s films but set in current time (which really threw me off in the beginning) and the inner turmoil of trying to find love in an unnatural way. Our main protagonist, Elaine, who is looking for love through her witchcraft which doesn’t bode well more than once. It tackles gender roles, being single, what and how to achieve or find true love. And it also tells that you shouldn’t be leaving any kind of bodily fluids around in a house that is not yours. The film is also written, directed and produced by Anna Biller and that’s cool.

I picked these as immediate thoughts of witches in horror, some you might not know about and it’s great to share movie titles.  Other great mentions that I love but did not add in here: The Blair Witch Project, Black Sunday, The Lords of Salem, The Witches, Hocus Pocus, Inferno..

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