The Beauty behind Giallo: A Visual Journey into Italian Horror

2019 is the year that I dove into the deep end of Italian horror, especially older films. I’ve swam in the shallow pool, only seen Suspiria, Demons and Demons 2. But nothing prepared me for what Italian or “giallo” horror is really about, the depths of how unique it is and at the opposite end of the spectrum when comparing to American horror.

How would I describe the sub genre: fucking insane, graphic, otherwordly, beautiful, capturing, colorful and haunting.

Instead of talking about it, how about I show you what I’m talking about.

The “gasp” aspect:

Death is beautiful:

The Use of Color:

Everything is a Painting:

This will stick with you:

films featured: Tenebrae (or Tenebre), Gates of Hell trilogy (The House by the Cemetery, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead), Zombi 2, Inferno, Shock (or Beyond the Door II), Deep Red (Profondo Rosso), and Blood and Black Lace.

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