Comedic Horror

I’m not the biggest fan of this subgenre of horror. I don’t mind them but I wouldn’t immediately rush to these types of films. I love supernatural, thriller, and even slasher horror but I wouldn’t go to comedy. But when you do it well, you do it very well and it has an impact. So … Continue reading Comedic Horror

Top 10 Favorites: Haunted House Films

Another day, another list of letting you know what I like, what I’m into it. For today, we’re doing something simple that you might be able to play along and suggest some of your favorites! We’ve done Top 10 Possession, Location Bound, Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes, a top 5 favorite Treehouse of … Continue reading Top 10 Favorites: Haunted House Films

House; Ding Dong, You’re Dead

Hello everyone and welcome to Shots of Horror here where we discuss horror movies through an artistic eye. My name is Trista E. and today we’ll be discussing a film that I had the random pleasure to watch actually for the first time in its entirety: House. Title: House Year: 1986 Dir.: Steve Miner Producer: … Continue reading House; Ding Dong, You’re Dead