Boogeymen: The NEW Killer Compilation

Yesterday (Sunday, 5/29) was the first time I purposely reached for something hor ror and got immediately inspired by it. I own both versions of the 2001 compilation Boogeymen on vhs and dvd and it has definitely aged.And by aged, I mean, we are in 2022, the horror genre has grown and became more mainstream, … Continue reading Boogeymen: The NEW Killer Compilation

Boogeymen: A Suitable Killer Compilation?

I was looking through my collection of horror content and one caught my eye… twice: Flix Mix’s release of Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation that came into view. This was released in 2001 on vhs and dvd (I own both) and it made me think about why compilation works and doesn’t work today or even when … Continue reading Boogeymen: A Suitable Killer Compilation?