SoH Reviews: Allegoria (2022)

I haven’t done a movie review in such a long time. According to Instagram, the last film I watched was 11 weeks ago: The Devil Bat. I have been so “movie-d out” from last year that it’s a rare occasion for me to watch a movie but we are nearing the Halloween, spooky season and … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Allegoria (2022)

Comfort Horror

I haven’t done this in a while, let me brush the dust off!I came up with this idea on the fly yesterday (this is being written 5/9/22) after essentially a month of no updating, writing (except poetry), reading comics, working on myself and taking a very interesting and long break but I think this is … Continue reading Comfort Horror

SoH Reviews: Tales of Halloween

Another anthology film. I’ve been finding myself watching more of these now that I can access them easily. Trick r’ Treat, Creepshow, Trilogy of Horror, The Things that Haunt Us, Tales from the Darkside: the movie as well as the Twilight Zone movie are just a handful off the top of my head that I’ve … Continue reading SoH Reviews: Tales of Halloween

SoH Reviews: All the Creatures Were Stirring

Directed by David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry, a film released in 2018 is showcasing multiple stories around a popular holiday. Sadly, this is a Christmas anthology film that needs an execution punch. I go into these films with an open mind so I don’t have big or low expectations, I just wanna see what … Continue reading SoH Reviews: All the Creatures Were Stirring

SoH Reviews: The Witching Season

Halloween, itself, has been over. Yet my love of horror is 365 days! I’ve focused a lot on films and not television or any kind of series or shorts. And I don't do reviews either but I'm dipping my toes into the reviewer pond so let’s start with something quite familiar yet new to me: … Continue reading SoH Reviews: The Witching Season