Would You Rather? The Horror Edition

I’ve decided to do these occasionally throughout the year. I like telling you guys a little more about me and how I’d approach things. So in the past, I’ve done an “about me” a couple of times but this one will be a little different. I scoured the internet for some fun horror themed questions and came across this from Freaked.

I picked random questions and I’ll be answering them and you can play along and answer some in the comments below!

Let’s play a short game of Would You Rather, horror style.


1. Would you rather have every brilliant director create their own take of “Halloween” or have the original left alone? – I would have the original left alone. When we say every brilliant director, that opens a can of worms of criticism of who we think are “brilliant” tackling a horror movie. So I’d vote to leave it alone.

2. Would you rather wipe your memory so as to enjoy re-watching your favorite horror movies over and over or have a new sequel made? – I would rather have my memory wiped so I can have a new experience every single time I watch something. Sequels are just hit or miss. 

3. Would you rather have to deal with “The Thing” or “The Blob”? – The Blob, for sure. Why? The Thing is a recipe for disaster if you cannot trust ANYONE to deal with it. The Blob, it’s a group effort of everyone wanting to stop it. And you can stop it, The Thing… it’s more iffy.

4. Would you rather have dinner with Wes Craven or Stephen King? – Wes Craven, for sure. I feel like we know King through his works and his still current interviews and since Craven is no longer with us, it’ll be a nice conversation.

5. Would you rather meet Bela Lugosi in real life or Bruce Campbell? – I would rather meet Bela Lugosi and just hear his stories.

6. Would you rather become a werewolf or a vampire? – Werewolf. There’s something very melancholy and sad about being a vampire, watching the world and people age and die and you can’t or you have to stay indoors. At least with a werewolf, you can still be somewhat human and follow human rules and the occasional full moon.

7. If you were an Uber driver, would you rather have Jason Vorhees get in your backseat or Jeffery Dahmer? – I would rather pick up Jeffery Dahmer cos I am NOT HIS TYPE. 

8. Would you rather go to hell or become a ghost and haunt anyone you want? – Since I can’t go to heaven in this question, I want to become a ghost and haunt the shit out of someone who deserves to be tormented. Is that petty?

9. Would you rather survive a horror movie scenario and have your friends die or have all your friends live but you get killed? – I don’t have friends like that so therefore I will be surviving and “they” will have to take the cake. Sorry. But I bet the “friends” would think the same! Sorry not sorry! I value my life too, you know?

10. Would you rather have a free steak dinner once per month or have every horror movie ever streaming on Netflix at all times? – Considering I don’t really eat steak, I’ll take it cos you said the magic word: FREE.

So guys, hopefully this gives you a little more insight about myself and what I would do! What questions would you do the same with or differently? Leave a comment below and I will see you guys next week!

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