SoH Reviews: Blood Machines + Turbo Killer

This movie has been on my mind since I watched it yesterday.

Right up front, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this film nor have this sensory experience either.

Let’s talk about Blood Machines.


bloodmachines_1Blood Machines, a sequel to the music video Turbo Killer, is a cosmic scifi, horror opera that is about machines and birth and creating new life. The actual summary is… two hunters become witnesses to a dying ship’s release and birth to a living soul (in the form of a woman). The film, broken up into 3 parts (Mima, Corey and Tracy) is a look at how these hunters perceive machines and technology without realizing that there’s a bigger picture.

IckermanBrut_BloodMachines_TracyAI-760x380The one thing that truly stands out is the visuals plus the sound. Imagine watching this movie in a theater with that in your face and in your ears. I enjoyed that instead of hearing characters tell me exposition and vomit it every 20 minutes, you see it, you hear it. 

It’s a cyberpunk type of style and look, there’s this filter or effect over the film to make it look grainy, rough like it comes from the 80s itself. The look of Tracy, an A.I., reminds me of Metropolis. I was thinking of Dune (Lynch or miniseries will do) in some portions of the film, especially in part one (Mima) but Blood Machines is its own unique creation.

I cannot forget about the music in this either. Credited as Carpenter Brut for the soundtrack under a stage stage, Franck Hueso has created this atmosphere that is epic and full of 80s synth. In a way, this reminded me a lot of Daft Punk’s earlier works.

I find it interesting that a lot of the focus was on women or the female spirit. Giving birth, new life, they were the believers in machines and technology being “alive” and being powerful in their own right.

turbokiller_mvIf we are to discuss Blood Machines, we have to talk about Turbo Killer.

Turbo Killer is where this was started, a music video that is like the blueprint to Blood Machines. There is a similar look and tone, even the appearance of a character that plays a huge role in Blood Machines, to tie it all together. I suggest checking that music video out first and then the movie second. I did it backwards without realizing but I see the music video as an icing on the bloody cake.

Blood Machines is available only on Shudder as an exclusive and Turbo Killer is available on youtube. I’d give Blood Machines… a 4 out of 5.


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