About Me Part II

It’s been 5 months since I’ve done this. It’s been close to two months in quarantine life. This is what I’ve been up to in the past few weeks…months… I cannot keep up!


Current Quarantine Life: I’m not currently working (I work at the city zoo) so I spend a lot of time watching youtube, prime and Shudder, reading, organizing/cleaning, working on blog posts, language lessons, cooking, picking up my camera and repeating the cycle every day.

Favorite movies I’ve watched so far: Tigers Are Not Afraid, Haunt, The Mimic, Body Bags, Dog Soldiers, Bliss, Don’t Leave Home, Terrified, and Tales of Halloween.

Least favorite movie watched so far: THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES. Please do not bother!

goosebumpstitlecardFavorite Post so far: A tossup between the recent Goosebumps rewatch and my top 10 favorite episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Recent horror purchase (if any!): Hellraiser III “Chatterer” funko pop and Evil Dead 2 Ash figure from Neca.

Have you ever had your tarot cards read?: Like through online with those generators or free tarot readings but not in real life. I am interested in doing it in real life as in going to get a reading. I kinda hope my

Would you buy a doll that you knew was haunted?: Is it weird to say I would probably feel the energy for said doll but I don’t think I’d bring it into my house so that is a no. One day at goodwill, maybe in December of last year, someone donated those porcelain masks that you use as decoration and I had mixed feelings about them. Some I felt would be great to have and then others just gave off this vibe of… if I bring this home, what’s going to happen? I legit asked myself out loud in the store “I don’t want to bring bad energy into my house”.

illustration-to-the-divine-comedy-by-dante-alighieri--abyss-of-hell---1480-1490--found-in-the-collection-of-the-biblioteca-apostolica-vaticana--486777773-5c3a03c246e0fb00016261f2What do you think hell looks like?: It’s either two options; fire and hot where you’ll burn for eternity or completely cold and dark. There is no light, just darkness. I don’t know which one is worse.

Which unsolved murder fascinates you the most?: OH thanks to Buzzfeed Unsolved, the whole Axeman of New Orleans is really creepy to me. Everyone had an axe back then, but no one knew who this guy was, he was never caught and the victims, most of them didn’t stand to make it out. And supposedly, they were all Italian too so you know… racism. On a side note, the Villesca Axe Murders is up there too. Just the idea of you minding your own business in your house and someone invades it JUST to wait and take your life. And what’s worse is that there are children involved.

Do you believe in any ‘mythical’ monsters like chupacabras or shadow people?: I LOVE the idea of a Bigfoot or Chupacabra or Mothman, etc. I think anything is possible. If we still don’t know what lurks in the ocean, why not have a Bigfoot hiding out in some mountains.  Shadow People is a different kind of mythical, more supernatural based are real, I believe in that, I’ve seen them. It’s not… fun. 

Random Fact: if you anagram my first name, it rearranges to “artist”. Cool.

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