The Crazies (1973) Review + Relevancy

The Crazies was an unconventional and random choice. The Crazies somehow seems more relevant now than it did in 1973. The Crazies showcased that Romero always had a knack for being ahead on content and storytelling. For today’s post, I watched 1973’s The Crazies. If it didn’t sum up what was to come in 2020, … Continue reading The Crazies (1973) Review + Relevancy

Ganja & Hess; The Notes Edition

Title: Ganja + Hess Director(s): Bill Gunn Year: 1973 Producer(s): Chiz Schultz Starring: Duane Jones, Marlene Clark and Bill Gunn There are 3 Parts: Victim, Survival, Live - Stabbed 3x in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost - References to black culture/black church culture -  Our introduction to Hess (Jones) … Continue reading Ganja & Hess; The Notes Edition

SoH Reviews: The House of Seven Corpses

The first five minutes had me. The opening credits looking like spoilers and I thought, oh, they are going this route? And then, the scene breaks a wall and it’s… a movie? WHAT. I’m talking about 1973’s (released in 74) The House of Seven Corpses. Not to be confused with House of 1000 Corpses (Zombie) … Continue reading SoH Reviews: The House of Seven Corpses