Underrated Horror Monsters

Monsters or creatures are a big part of horror. The other day was Alien Day and I do love seeing some xenomorphs on my instagram feed but it got me to think about other horror “monsters” or “creatures” or even beings. So I made a list, then I looked at my list and said hm, … Continue reading Underrated Horror Monsters

Cat People (1942) Review

A movie that I longed to see for quite some time. I have been enjoying a lot of films in black and white or prior to the 1980s and thankfully Shudder has this available, along with other RKO Pictures films. For those who are very hesitant about watching movies with “no color” or older movies, … Continue reading Cat People (1942) Review

Unconventional VHS Finds

You guys know that I am a thrifter. A huge part of my horror collection comes from many days and hours finding and collecting some pretty cool pieces or films on vhs. I’m a huge vhs fan, you guys have seen me do a few posts here about them or on the instagram just highlighting … Continue reading Unconventional VHS Finds

Hey Arnold! A Hidden Gem in Kids’ Horror

I recently got Paramount+ and this is not a sponsor/ad but I mostly got it because of Nickelodeon. Specifically, older nicktoons/shows that I grew up watching were easily available now and I was very excited. Now, as 80s baby and 90s kid, Nickelodeon was one of the few networks I watched religiously as a kid. … Continue reading Hey Arnold! A Hidden Gem in Kids’ Horror